Latest Update:

Throughout the Covid-19 outbreak, keeping everyone safe has been our top priority. And with new national lockdowns in place across the UK during the coldest months of the year, we need to focus our efforts on ensuring that each job has it’s own risk assessment carried out and work prioritised based on the ability to maintain safety. Unfortunately this may mean that for the time being non-essential internal works are paused, unless we are entirely sure that appropriate measures can be in place to ensure the safety of customers and our team.

Working Through Covid-19

Keeping you and our team safe is our top priority. Here’s how we’re doing it:

Before your appointment

When you book, we’ll ask if anyone in your home:

  • has Covid-19 symptoms
  • is shielding or vulnerable
  • has been asked to self-isolate

A member of our team will also call ahead on the day of your appointment to see if anything has changed.

During your appointment

Our operatives follow the latest guidance and will:

  • wash or sanitise their hands before entering your home – and at regular intervals during the appointment
  • wear face masks (where necessary unless they are medically exempt from doing so)
  • wear disposable or protective gloves as appropriate during the job
  • keep at least two metres away from you at all times

If a job requires two operatives, they’ll only come together for tasks that need two pairs of hands and wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when they are not able to keep two metres apart.

How you can help us keep everyone safe

  • Where you can, please open doors and windows to ensure good ventilation while our operative is in your home
  • If possible, please ask everyone in your home to stay in another room while the operative is working OR if not possible, keep at least two meters away from them at all times
  • If there is a need to discuss job details with our team then please try to do so outside or if inside we recommend the use of a face covering.
  • It’s likely that our operatives will need to use a tap or toilet facilities, so if possible we suggest allocating one that will only be used by our team during the works and sanitising before we arrive onsite.
  • Please do not offer our operatives drinks or snacks. In the interests of safety they will provide their own.
  • If anyone in your home has the NHS Track and Trace app, please make sure you keep your phones with you during the appointment to help keep the app alerts as accurate as possible

Please let us know in advance if anyone in your home has:

    • Covid-19 symptoms in the two weeks before we visit
    • Has been asked to self-isolate for any reason.
    • Is Vulnerable or Shielding

We can still help with emergencies, but we’ll need to tell our operative to take extra precautions before they visit. If it’s not an emergency job, please cancel or reschedule your appointment for a later date. Just call 0800 999 1468

What if things don’t quite work out on the day:

  • If the client, or our operative, feel that these procedures are not suitable for the job in hand then we will remove ourselves from site until such times that a safe working environment can be provided and should this be the case we reserve the right to charge for the elements of work undertaken up to that point.
  • If work onsite does cease and an invoice is raised for the work to the point of cessation, this invoice will be due for immediate payment and overrides any original payment terms